IMHR 2018

International Maritime Human Rights 2018

"Maritime Business and Human Rights”.


The International Maritime Human Rights Conference 

Fishmongers' Hall, London - 29 October 2018

More information for the IMHR Conference 2018 will be available soon.


This second International Maritime Human Rights Conference will focus explicitly on addressing the issue of maritime human rights in relation to business and associated welfare issues throughout the maritime environment by bringing together industry, civil society and government-level leaders for discussion and debate on current issues that universally affect the human element at sea.

The event will openly tackle human rights requirements in the maritime environment. It will explore topical and emerging matters, and it will investigate human rights protections and available remedies for abuses. Undertaken by both national and international experts, the event will deliver incisive commentary and concepts to the audience for consideration and debate.

Discussion topics will be announced in due course. You can view the conference programme from the inaugural IMHR conference in 2016 below.