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Human Rights at Sea announces Robert Greenwood as the next speaker for the International Maritime Human Rights conference



29 October 2018, Fishmongers’ Hall, London, UK

Human Rights at Sea is proud to announce Robert Greenwood as the next speaker for the International Maritime Human Rights conference 2018.

Robert Greenwood has been involved in the Fishing Industry since 1995 and started off working on small fishing vessels in the English Channel, fishing mainly for crabs and lobsters. He became a Seafish Approved Instructor in 1999 teaching health and safety as well as navigation, seamanship and radio courses. In 2014 Robert was appointed as the National Federation of Fishermans Organisations (NFFO) Safety and Training Officer, a role that involves representing the English, Welsh and Northern Irish fishermen at national and international levels.

Robert is also a member of the UK ILO C188 working group, which involves adapting the UK laws affected by the scope of the Work in Fishing Convention – a task that is closely linked to the work of human labour rights of workers at sea. Above all Robert works to improve safety and working standards across the industry, to promote the lifestyle and produce that the fishing industry provides.

The newly formed Fishermen’s Welfare Alliance that seeks to take a holistic approach to tackling issues in the whole fish supply chain was an idea that Robert put to the other UK fishing federations in November 2017/ The FWA is now a recognised alliance in the industry and is making great progress in supporting meaningful compliance with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act and the upcoming ILO C188.

Dedication to improving safety and welfare on vessels is evidenced by Roberts work on the SafetyFolder website, a free to use website written and designed by Robert to help owners to manage their vessels and meet legal obligations. This website has turned in to largest service of its type in the world. Recognition of his hard work came in 2016 when Robert won the Fishing News Fishing Safety Award.

Robert will partake in session 3 of the conference, on the topic of ‘Safer Ships, Safer Crew’.

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