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Screening of new documentary film ‘LIFEBOAT’ confirmed for 2018 international maritime human rights conference



29 October 2018, Fishmongers’ Hall, London, UK

Human Rights at Sea is delighted to announce that a screening of Skye Fitzgerald’s documentary film, ‘LIFEBOAT’, has been confirmed for the International Maritime Human Rights Conference 2018. 

Skye Fitzgerald has produced projects focused on human rights and social justice issues since 1998. He was recently inducted as an honorary member into SAMS (Syrian American Medical Society) for his work with Syrian refugees and named a Distinguished Alumnus at his alma mater, Eastern Oregon University, for documentary work.

‘LIFEBOAT’ showcases refugees desperate enough to risk their lives in rubber boats leaving Libya in the middle of the night, despite a high probability of drowning. With few resources but certain that civil society must intervene, volunteers from a German non-profit risk the waves of the Mediterranean to pluck refugees from sinking rafts. 

In a political environment increasingly hostile to immigrants and refugees, documenting and showcasing the real-life predicament of those fleeing war and oppression is more vital and important than ever.  In a real-life context with dire consequences, ‘LIFEBOAT’ puts a human face on one of the world’s greatest contemporary, global crises and provides a spark of hope surrounding how civil society can intervene in the refugee crisis in a meaningful way

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Morag Davies